The Atlantic Football League

The idea: A new European soccer league consisting of teams from Portugal, Holland, Scotland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. There would be promotion and relegation between the Atlantic League and the remaining domestic leagues, and the top teams from the new division would qualify for the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. Continue reading The Atlantic Football League


A Single Governing Body for Boxing

The idea: Replace boxing’s current four sanctioning bodies with a single international governing body for the sport (similar to the UFC). The body – which could be known as the International World Boxing Commission – would issue one world title per division. Continue reading A Single Governing Body for Boxing

Fenway Park, Boston

Split the season in Major League Baseball

The idea: Split the MLB regular season into two halves of 81 games. Just like in the 1981 season, the first-place teams from each half in each division (or a wild card team if the same club won both halves) would meet in a best-of-five divisional playoff series. The four survivors would then move on to the two best-of-five League Championship Series. Continue reading Split the season in Major League Baseball