Move Olympic field events to a tennis arena

The Idea: To take the field events (long jump, high jump etc.) out of the main Olympic stadium and re-house them in a smaller venue (something around the size tennis stadium).

Why it makes sense: In the words of Gladwell: “The jumps are thrilling events. But they are intimate events—and ninety per cent of the drama is lost in an eighty-thousand-person stadium”. Malcolm has a point. No matter where you’re sat in an 80,000 seat stadium, you’re going to be positioned a long way away from at least one event.

Could it happen?  Just as with many great ideas, inertia is likely to get in the way of this one. There’s also a chance that field athletes would view moving to a smaller venue as a demotion (tell that to Rodger Federer and co.) that would undermine the value of their chosen sports vis-à-vis track pursuits. An additional problem is, of course, money: staging an Olympic Games is an incredibly expensive undertaking, and housing field events in their own arena is just another cost that host cities will be reluctant to pay.

Likelihood of happening: 5% (Break glass in case of emergency).

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Featured image by Ian Patterson.



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